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Saturday, December 25, 2021

Read "Zombie Epistolary" here!

An epistolary is a literary work told in the form of a letter (or letters). 

A few months ago, I was inspired to write a collection of fictional letters which might be written during a zombie apocalypse. I made them all drabbles (stories exactly 100-words long). 

I knew that the e-zine Horror Tree features new horror flash fiction stories weekly in their "Trembling With Fear" section. 
This section also includes a sub-feature labeled  "The Unholy Trinity", consisting of three related horror drabbles. 
So I selected three of my best 100-word "letters during a zombie apocalypse"  and submitted them for publication. 
Maturing in the Apocolypse
Farewell Note
Missing You

Read my "Unholy Trinity" of connected horror drabbles, collectively titled "Zombie Epistolary," in the "Trembling With Fear" section of the current issue of "Horror Tree"!

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