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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Horror Tree Submission: Zombie Epistolary

 In other publishing news, I submitted three, connected zombie drabbles to Horror Tree's "Trembling with Fear/Unholy Trinity" feature, and received a tentative acceptance, requesting edits. 

[Update: the trio were accepted, with publication expected on December 24th].

Besides the zombie theme, the three drabbles were related only by the novelty of their epistolary format. However, the editors suggested a way I could make two of the three related. I therefore wrote a new drabble to subsitute for the last drabble, establishing a firm relationship between the three.

The submission is still pending, however. I don't yet know whether my revised submission will be accepted. Horror Tree has published two prior drabble-trios, and the results were included in a subsequent year-end anthology: Trembling With Fear: More Tales from the Tree,Volume 2. I would like to be in another one, someday.

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