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Monday, September 27, 2021

The World of Myth 100th Issue

My fantasy short story, "The Dawn of Magic: Here be Dragons, Goblins, and Unicorns (Oh My!)" has just been published in the 100th issue of "World of Myth Magazine". 
Once you read it (as I hope you will) and perhaps even vote, I'd really like to know if you would like the story to continue, as suggested by WoM editor, Stephanie Bardy.

Here's the link to The World of Myth, 100th Issue home page: 

Monday, September 20, 2021

Hell Launching soon.

Speaking of delayed pleasures, Black Hare Press' "Hell"-themed 500-word story anthology is launching soon, including my story, "Delayed Pleasures Loophole".

Stay tuned for updates in the coming weeks.

Journeys: A The Writer's Journey Blog anthology.

To celebrate the anniversary of her The Writer's Journey Blog, (https://www.authorelainemarie.com/blog), Author Elaine Marie Carnegie - Padgett has compiled an anthology of works by awesome authors she has interviewed. Two of my works will be published: "The Right Stuff" (the first poem I ever sold), and "Dark Trek", a short story published in The World of Myth Magazine (http://www.theworldofmyth.com/), for which I earned "Author of the Month".