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Friday, November 27, 2020

Black Hare Press has been publishing and continues to publish a set of FREE anthologies during the pandemic, in a number of genres: Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Horror, Paranormal, and Paranormal Romance. I'm not sure how many there will finally be in the Paranormal categories, but there will be 10 books in each of the first three genres.I know, because Black Hare Press recently FINALIZED their acceptances in those categories. 

Download your free LOCKDOWN anthologies as they become available here: https://www.blackharepress.com/series-lockdown/

Out of the thirty plus total books planned, I have stories or poems in a dozen of them, represented by the images above. Below are listed my individual contributions. 

  • Fantasy #1: Banepyre and Bitewind
  • Fantasy #4: Malomenire the Mad
  • Fantasy #5: The Final Spell of the Archmage, Astromote
  • Fantasy #6: Princess Barbie and the Troll Baby
  • Fantasy #8: From Heaven
  • Fantasy #10: Obsidian and Olivine & Faerie Display
  • Horror #2: Sissy Fuss
  • Sci-Fi #1: Hivemind of the Universal Donor
  • Sci-Fi #4: Charlie Whinesworth's Lucky Trinket
  • Sci-Fi #5: The Quantum Oracle
  • Sci-Fi # 7: On the Tip
  • Sci-Fi #9: The Last Loophole

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