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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Fur Storm

A stoat during Winter’s an ermine.
An ermine in Summer’s a stoat.
If it springs and you fall, then it’s vermin
A damned weasel affixed to your throat!

We’re supposed to use hues to determine—
By its brown or white fur—how to vote;
But I say if teeth jut when it’s squirmin’,
It’s a weasel—until it’s a coat.

Some find a fur-garment prestigious,
Think the varmint looks fine on their form;
Others hold that to harm it’s egregious;
Fur as fashion’s a fatuous norm!

Yet when breezes or blizzards besiege us,
It’s the one who wears white who’s kept warm.
While brown fur is an anti-rain aegis.
Is there any escape from this storm?

A challenge poem incorporating 5 random words: AEGIS, ERMINE, FATUOUS, JUT, KEPT

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