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Monday, July 9, 2018

Stopping by a Feral Lab on a Snowy Evening*

Whose dog this is, I’d have to guess.
No tags that I can see, unless
They’re camouflaged by fur and muck.
--It’s possible he’s ownerless.

To be a feral dog must suck
Surviving by his wits and luck
On vermin meals and scavenged snacks
While dodging the dog-catcher’s truck.

If he lets his attention lapse
He’ll end up in the catcher’s traps
Then be imprisoned. Or, worse fate,
Run over by by a car, perhaps.

I’d like a dog, at any rate.
Maybe he’d like to be my mate.
I’ll offer him this bone as bait.
I’ll offer him this bone as bait.

*(with apologies to Robert Frost)